Thursday, 10 May 2012

You either have 'IT', or not:-WackyWhatever?

Some people, it seems are more likely to choose to be entrepreneurs. What is it that  drives them, and for those who are so 'moved', what factors separate them, as leaders, from the crowd?


Yes, obviously, they might need a measure of that, but quite honestly, eighty percent of the world's population have imagination.  Every languid poet has it in buckets, but they are not the five percent that manage to use it effectively.

High self esteem?

Surely, but even my dog likes himself best, but that is never going to make him Einstein.


Certainly, few can argue against a dose of luck, but despite the fact that a good 'break' or two could assist in opening the right doors, only some seem able to keep those doors open and do something useful with the tools they find beyond it.


It always helps, I'm sure, but thousands who have it simply waste it, while thousands who don't, somehow, seem to make it. So no it's not about financial means.


I have never been against a good grounding, but it's not what made half the movers and shakers of the Universe.

The answer then?

Is it written in the wind?

Many think so.  Perhaps it comes down to a combination of factors, a balance of fortune and ability.  Vision and luck?

Personally, and this is only my opinion.  I believe it is built on what I call 'Super Energy', that special 'Wired' something that you just can't help seeing in those you tend to 'make it' and stay up there against all odds.

Steve Jobs, had 'IT', despite being removed from the company he started through a series of unfortunate factors. He went on to open another company that became the highly successful animation movie operation Pixar.  He then went back to reclaim his position at Apple his original baby.  You only had to hear him speak, or watch him for a few minutes to see the energy crackling around him.

Lady Gaga has it, as does Maddona.  Mick Jagger, Ted Tunner, Margret Thatcher, Johnny Depp, Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Bono. The list goes on and on. Not to say, however, that everyone that manages to claw their way to the top has 'IT', but by anyone's standards those that manage to keep themselves 'up' there certainly do.

They simply have more energy than the rest of us.  Disagree with me if you must.

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