Thursday, 10 May 2012

You either have 'IT', or not:-WackyWhatever?

Some people, it seems are more likely to choose to be entrepreneurs. What is it that  drives them, and for those who are so 'moved', what factors separate them, as leaders, from the crowd?


Yes, obviously, they might need a measure of that, but quite honestly, eighty percent of the world's population have imagination.  Every languid poet has it in buckets, but they are not the five percent that manage to use it effectively.

High self esteem?

Surely, but even my dog likes himself best, but that is never going to make him Einstein.


Certainly, few can argue against a dose of luck, but despite the fact that a good 'break' or two could assist in opening the right doors, only some seem able to keep those doors open and do something useful with the tools they find beyond it.


It always helps, I'm sure, but thousands who have it simply waste it, while thousands who don't, somehow, seem to make it. So no it's not about financial means.


I have never been against a good grounding, but it's not what made half the movers and shakers of the Universe.

The answer then?

Is it written in the wind?

Many think so.  Perhaps it comes down to a combination of factors, a balance of fortune and ability.  Vision and luck?

Personally, and this is only my opinion.  I believe it is built on what I call 'Super Energy', that special 'Wired' something that you just can't help seeing in those you tend to 'make it' and stay up there against all odds.

Steve Jobs, had 'IT', despite being removed from the company he started through a series of unfortunate factors. He went on to open another company that became the highly successful animation movie operation Pixar.  He then went back to reclaim his position at Apple his original baby.  You only had to hear him speak, or watch him for a few minutes to see the energy crackling around him.

Lady Gaga has it, as does Maddona.  Mick Jagger, Ted Tunner, Margret Thatcher, Johnny Depp, Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Bono. The list goes on and on. Not to say, however, that everyone that manages to claw their way to the top has 'IT', but by anyone's standards those that manage to keep themselves 'up' there certainly do.

They simply have more energy than the rest of us.  Disagree with me if you must.

Google Rolls out Hangouts:-WackyWhatever?

Google Rolls out Google+ Hangouts

Broadcast Hangouts and record them as YouTube videos with Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Read In-Depth

Basically it's live TV type

broadcasting for any-one to use. You can link it up to your Youtube account or your website.

Facebook has long offered the webcam record option for video. Now you can

conduct a cooking course, a Chat show, a how-to anything and turn yourself into a TV star....

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tarot-The Most Feared Cards:-WackyWhatever?

The Cards

The Tower

If, you are like me you wonder about all sorts of 
arbitrary things...- "Yeah?"

So then I was considering what it would be like if you attended a tarot reading and one of the dreaded forecasting cards came up in your shuffle.

The Devil, Death, the Tower...


Imagine sitting across from the Tarot reader and seeing those cards in your stack:- Would you be scared???
Many people would not put themselves in such a precarious situation, but say...-YOU DID IT ON A DARE???

I'm no occultist but I have always been a little curious about the fall of the cards, the reading of fate.

The cards, like most any religion, are only as meaningful as their "Sayer" or "Seer's" interpretation.

If a card is dealt upside down, as  opposed to right-side-up, the meaning gleaned by the reader is apparently completely different.

Well then, which card would your interpreter call the worst?

By all my research the Tower would be the most feared card:- it means tumult, upheaval, revolt, unexpected change for the worst.

Death:- means the harvest, with hope of new planting.

Devil:- simply your own base nature.

The Tower, however, even if its reference is passion, only means one thing -- devastation.

Don't take my word for it, pursue further reading.

The Tower


Jermaine Paul is $100 000 richer:-WackyWhatever?

Whatever: Baby Cheetahs Born on Webcam-Soo Cute;-WackyWhatev...

Whatever: Baby Cheetahs Born on Webcam-Soo Cute;-WackyWhatev...: Mom gives birth to 3 healthy cubs has added a new channel to their webcams to document the growth of the three baby Cheetahs at ...

Baby Cheetahs Born on Webcam-Soo Cute;-WackyWhatever?

Mom gives birth to 3 healthy cubs has added a new channel to their webcams to document the growth of the three baby Cheetahs at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Facility.

To see more, or join the site and get involved in this unique story visit the site
Click for wild African Webcams

How Lose Friends and Stop Influencing People:-::WackyWhatever?

Game Scores and other Social Sharing Annoyances

So Jack scored big in Poker and Sharon bought mushrooms on Farmvile. So What?... Every get so annoyed you feel the need to switch off the machine-Like fore errrr....

HTML5:- Mystery De-coded - WackyWhatever?

HTML5-Mystery De-coded.

The buzz-word, you may have heard off the tips of knowledgable tongues is the new Internet W3's "HTML5" standard - So what? I hear you say, it has been around for a while, and I haven't seen many changes......

That might be true, if you are not involved in programming, or are only a casual Internet surfer. However you, yes "You", Average Joe, are about to experience a few new, and possibly disconcerting, things if you don't understand what they are and how they work???

So, in order to clear-up a few mis-understandings you might end up with, here is a list of things you should know :-

  • The pop up dialog (Seen particularly on mobile sites) requesting permission to access your location:-
    No this is not big brother, and they are very unlikely to be keeping a list to find you with. 
    The HTML5 navigation.geolocation spec is a browser method to allow fast and accurate information that you might be interested in based on your location eg:-Restaurants in your area.  It is not something to be afraid of and only really works well on GPS enabled phones.

  • If you are a Gmail user you might have seen the pop-up requesting permission to use your local storage to store messages.  This is a direct, and new, benefit of HTML5, which allows you to store your own data in your own browser, rather than on a third party server.  The benefits  by way of safety, and privacy are obvious, and yes you can delete any data that you feel is taking up too much space at any time.
  • If you play Computer Games, or use web-based soft-ware you may be asked permission by the application to Cache data:- This simply means that "Heavy" media, such as images, audio or video will use your hard drive for storage making the application easier and faster to use. You may clear your cache at any time.
  • HTML5 together with its favored partner JavaScript are going to make using downloaded. Software much easier. In the past you would often need to download extra third party software to get applications to work, which made the whole process complicated and used a lot of room on your computer, besides only certain computers being able to serve the platform required.  Now a much more standard platform, which will be supported by all operating systems is slowly coming into force, and you will not need extra "helpers" like Flash, or Java to make:- for instance simple drawing software functional.

There is a lot more to it, but now a few mysteries should be de-coded for you.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bram Stoker:- Things you did not know about the author of Dracula-WackyWhatever?

Bram Stoker:- Author of Dracula

  • What would he be doing today:- Embroiled in a bitter mud-slinging battle with Stephanie Meyer.( and a few other modern writers, probably).

  • Who would you most likely bump into at his dinner parties?:- Sir Authur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde,  Henry Irving, Hall Caine, William Ewart Gladstone, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt..

  • Most defining character building fact:- Was bedridden for most of his pre-school years.( until he was seven-years-old.).

  • Where did he travel?:-He was very well travelled, having toured most of the known world, however, he did not venture into Eastern Europe.  I wonder why not??.

  • Worst social blunder:-Married his friends 'gal', the celebrated beauty Florence Balcombe Oscar Wildes Girl-friend..

  • What would he be doing for a living, apart from writing:- Running a state theater somewhere, probably in association with someone like Andrew Lloyd Webber..

  • Most famous work:-Dracula. Originally called the Un-Dead- The title was changed at the last minute before publication.
    Did he invent Vampires?:-No in 1872 Joseph Le Fanu wrote a short-story Carmilla that influenced Bram Stoker. "Although Carmilla is a lesser known and far shorter Gothic vampire story than the generally-considered master work of that genre, Dracula, the latter is heavily influenced by Le Fanu's short story.

    In the earliest manuscript of Dracula, dated 8 March 1890, the castle is set in Styria, although the setting was changed to Transylvania six days later. Stoker's posthumously published short story "Dracula's Guest", known as the deleted first chapter to Dracula, shows a more obvious and intact debt to "Carmilla": Both stories are told in the first person. Dracula expands on the idea of a first person account by creating a series of journal entries and logs of different persons and creating a plausible background story for them having been compiled. Stoker also indulges the air of mystery further than Le Fanu by allowing the characters to solve the enigma of the vampire along with the reader.

    The descriptions of Carmilla and the character of Lucy in Dracula are similar, and have become archetypes for the appearance of the waif-like victims and seducers in vampire stories as being tall, slender, languid, and with large eyes, full lips and soft voices. Both women also sleepwalk.

    Stoker's Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is a direct parallel to Le Fanu's vampire expert Baron Vordenburg: both characters used to investigate and catalyse actions in opposition to the vampire, and symbolically represent knowledge of the unknown and stability of mind in the onslaught of chaos and death.".

  • How did he die:- A series of strokes. However many suspected Syphilis..

Pimp your Ride-Most Expensive Trains in the World-WackyWhatevet?

Pimp your Ride-WackyWhatever?

Steel your pockets and ride, under steam, on one of the most expensive train cars in the world.

Be prepared to part with between $30 000-$60 000 to indulge in a custom ride through the scenic green of Scotland on the Royal Scotsman, or the deserts of Africa on the Pride, or the secrets of India on the Maharaja Express.

Make Plastic-Milk and Vinegar-WackyWhatever?

Make Plastic from Milk and Vinegar-WackyWhatevet?

  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 4 TBSP Vinegar
  • Strainer
  • Mould
  • Absorbent Paper
  • Microwave Oven

heat milk in Microwave, do not boil. Stir in Vinegar until Milk curdles. Strain water from curdles. Lay on absorbent paper to drain. Push into mould. Dry.
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Ancient Red-Head Giant of China-Cherchen Mummy.-WackyWhatever?

Ancient Lost Race

Mair, a professor of Chinese in the department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, had long doubted this version of history. He suspected that the Chinese had encountered Westerners from Europe long before the emperor Wudi dreamed up his military alliance. Several early Chinese books, for example, described tall men with green eyes and red hair that resembled the fur of rhesus monkeys. Most scholars dismissed these accounts as legendary, but Mair wasn't so sure. He thought they were descriptions of Caucasian men. During his studies of Chinese mythology, he had found stories strikingly similar to those in early Greek and Roman tales. The parallels were too frequent to be mere coincidences. And he kept stumbling across words in early Chinese texts that seemed to have been borrowed from ancient languages far to the west. Among these were the words for dog, cow, goose, grape, and wheel. But though Mair repeatedly argued the case for early trade and contact between China and the West, he had no hard archaeological evidence of contact, and no one took him very seriously. "People would laugh at me. I said that East and West were communicating back in the Bronze Age and people just said, 'Oh yeah? Interesting, but prove it.' " Never for a moment did Mair expect to find the kind of flesh-and-blood vindication that Cherchen Man promised. Still, he was wary of a hoax. The man's tailored woolen clothing, with all the complex textile technology it implied, was unlike anything Mair had ever seen from ancient Asia, let alone a remote outpost like Xinjiang. The mummy itself seemed almost too perfectly preserved to be true. "I thought it was part of a wax museum or something, a ploy to get more tourists. How could they have such advanced textile technology three thousand years ago? I couldn't put it into any historical context. It didn't make any sense whatsoever."Indepth

While guiding an American tour group around a museum in a remote part of China, Victor Mair made a stunning discovery--An incredibly well preserved Mummy with flowing red hair and striking Caucasian features. 

DNA testing found the cadaver to be of Celtic origin and possibly one of the people who spoke the ancient lost language of Tocharian.  The most salient thing about the tests, however, was the age of the specimen.--three thousand-years-old. The discovery completely turned the idea that the first Europeans arrived in China by way of the Silk Road app-- 200BC
The most interesting questions about these people are-- How did they get to this remote spot in the first place.
Did they pre-date the Asian people in the area.
What happened to them:-they seemed to have been wiped out in a single blow.

life on Mars Wharever?

There is a face on Mars, well actually it's only a rock formation, that for years and years--literally-- has had a massive "I told you there was life on Mars," following. The operative word is 'was', since we all know that as of here and now, there is no recognizable life on the planet.

Speculation has been rife that ancient artists sculpted the face into the planet's rock surface in a feat of engineering reminiscent that of the pyramids in Egypt, here on earth--proof of extra terrestrial life.--Alas it seems, the edifice is merely a natural phenomena of massive humanoid likeness. A perverted natural joke. (p.s they have discovered carbon-like material in the rocks on Mars-suggesting that life once flourished there.)

Read NASA report