Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tarot-The Most Feared Cards:-WackyWhatever?

The Cards

The Tower

If, you are like me you wonder about all sorts of 
arbitrary things...- "Yeah?"

So then I was considering what it would be like if you attended a tarot reading and one of the dreaded forecasting cards came up in your shuffle.

The Devil, Death, the Tower...


Imagine sitting across from the Tarot reader and seeing those cards in your stack:- Would you be scared???
Many people would not put themselves in such a precarious situation, but say...-YOU DID IT ON A DARE???

I'm no occultist but I have always been a little curious about the fall of the cards, the reading of fate.

The cards, like most any religion, are only as meaningful as their "Sayer" or "Seer's" interpretation.

If a card is dealt upside down, as  opposed to right-side-up, the meaning gleaned by the reader is apparently completely different.

Well then, which card would your interpreter call the worst?

By all my research the Tower would be the most feared card:- it means tumult, upheaval, revolt, unexpected change for the worst.

Death:- means the harvest, with hope of new planting.

Devil:- simply your own base nature.

The Tower, however, even if its reference is passion, only means one thing -- devastation.

Don't take my word for it, pursue further reading.

The Tower


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